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1Ga DSM Wing Mounting Bracket (Pair)

1Ga DSM Wing Mounting Bracket (Pair)

SKU: D3C-00021

1Ga DSM Rear Wing Mounting Bracket


If your hatch rattles or seems to be hanging on by just a thread, these wing mounts are for you. Over the years, the small plastic tabs that secure the wing wear down and become loose. The hardware mitsubshi used often times rusts these pieces together. This creates that rattle in the spoiler that most DSM owners come to accept as another "old car" characteristic.  We found this to be a common issue so we came up with the 1GA wing mounting brackets to keep that wing attached to your car!


Our Fix:

*Recreated that same mounting bracket using a tighter tolerance then OEM

*Used stainless steel hardware to prevent future rust

*Embedded a stainless nut into the bracket

*Added a foam cushion to the mounting surface, reducing vibrations and protecting your paint

*3D printed using Pro Series ABS

*Comes as a pair (2)

*Includes stainless hardware



*Please note this is still a plastic part we recommend hand tightening the bolt using a 1/4in ratchet and (Snugging) the bolt. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

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